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Support and parts all here in Australia


100% Australian Made


The ONLY Coastal Observation Tower to meet ALL Australian Standards

At Emineo we undertake a number of research and development projects, including the design and creation of the Observation Towers currently being installed along our coastline. 


  • Minimum ten-year life span.

  • Two models, Sentry 4 and Sentry 2 to suit your needs.

  • Modular design. 

  • Towers can be constructed and assembled with little, or no, impact on the coastal environment.

  • As non-permanent structures, they can be erected or taken down as the season permits.

  • Endless possibilities for customisation.

Observation Towers by Emineo are Australian made for Australian Conditions and are the ONLY coastal observation platform to meet ALL Australian standards.

We rely on our Coastal Safety Services to perform amazing feats every day and it is vital that they are equipped with the right tools to effectively perform their job.


Emineo Engineering Services had an opportunity to work with Surf Life Saving WA and Coastal Safety Services City of Stirling to design and create a premium product that is practical, affordable and meets the specific requirements of surf life saving organisations Australia wide.

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