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we are safe

We have strict Occupational Health and Safety work practices, compliant with statutory requirements and best practice in Australia.


We support local

We use local suppliers and source local products for all of our projects wherever possible. We are proud our Observation Towers have been certified Australian Made.


we are honest

We are honest and forthright in our dealings. We act with integrity and our open communication and transparency means you you are kept informed at every stage.

Our workforce is fully qualified including Coded Welders and all processes are in line with current Australian Health & Safety requirements. 

workshop capabilities

Press Brake Folding:
Mild Steel & Stainless Steel: 3200mm long x 6mm thick
3200mm long x 8mm thick

Guillotine Cut:
Mild Steel: 
3100mm long x 8mm thick
Stainless Steel: 
3100mm long x 6mm thick
3100mm long x 10mm thick

Plasma Cutter:

Mild Steel: 2440mm long x 20mm thick
Stainless Steel: 
2440mm long x 16mm thick
2440mm long x 10mm thick

Throat depth max 187mm
- min diameter 50mm (2”) up

Pipe Bending:
12mm – 50mm pipe

Pipe Cutting Saw:
Orbitalum GFX 6.6 pipe cutting saw 20mm – 160mm pipe cutting range

Pipe & Tube Notcher:

20mm – 76mm OD

Punching & Slotting:
8mm – 28mm


Welding Capabilities:
Mild Steel, Aluminium & Stainless Steel: 1mm – 30mm plate and all pipe sizes

Orbital Welding Capabilities – DC inc Back Purging: 25.4mm – 101.6mm

Electro Cleaning and passivating of all Stainless Steel Components


We are excited to be able to offer Orbital welding meaning we can produce repeated high quality, consistent welds, eradicating the normal inconsistencies and variability, errors and other defects associated with manual welding.


Orbital welding also means you have access to projects and data at all times, making it possible to keep track of the entire welding process. All welding data and programs for each individual welding process can be called up and documented in full, analysed, used and optimised for future welding processes. This way, production sequences can be planned better and are also safer and less time-consuming.

If you have any questions or have a project you think might benefit from orbital welding please get in touch.



  • Orbital Welding 

  • MIG Welding Machine

  • STICK Welding Machine

  • TIG Welding Machine

  • TIG Brush 

  • Cold Saw

  • Forklift

  • Guillotine

  • Vertical Bandsaw

  • Mill Drill - Belt Drive

  • Pedestal Drill - Belt Drive

  • Pedestal Gear Head Drill

  • Pipe Cutting Saw

  • Pipe & Tube Notcher - Linisher

  • Plasma Cutter

  • Portable Magnetic Drill

  • Press Brake

  • Sheet Roller

  • Section Roller - PK-35F

  • SmartMaster Extraction Filter Unit

  • Swage and Jenny - Automatic

  • Swivel Head Metal Cutting Band Saw

  • Unique Electra Magnabend

  • Workshop Hydraulic & Pneumatic Press

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